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[SCIE web news, Jan 14th, 2019] Last Tuesday, SCIE encountered Basis for basketball competition. At the start of the competition, SCIE players were obviously physically stronger, with the active altitude of defense, Basis players could barely go inside the paint.

Last Tuesday, SCIE encountered Basis for basketball competition. At the start of the competition, SCIE players were obviously physically stronger, with the active altitude of defense, Basis players could barely go inside the paint. Basis players were also not very good at mid-range and three-point shots, which gave rise to a lot of air balls. Even though SCIE had dominated the defensive side, the offensive side was as predominant as the defensive side. With a lot of great passes by Richard and Joe, Captain Zac’s unstoppable lay-ups, Michael’s three-point shots, and impeccable co-operation by Eric and Bryant. With those advantages, SCIE brought the triumph home with more than 20 points scored then Basis.


GIRLS Basketball BASIS vs SCIE

After winning the boys basketball competition against Basis, SCIE’s girls basketball competition was about to happen. Just as the competition started, it started to drizzle, however, the competition did not stop. The god seemed to be aware of the importance of this competition and the stopped drizzling. Unquestionably, girls’ competition was more violent, enthusiastic, and nerve-straining than boys’. Both teams shared the same level of basketball which made the game more interesting. Scoring was as difficult as flying to moon due to the ferocious defense from both sides. Players were like pingpong balls rushing through the entire court. The score remained almost the same until the last few minutes of the game. However, with the coaching by Mr.Tom from SCIE, players were clear of the tactics and co-operated with each other very well which brought the triumph home once again . Congrats.

Report/Jason from Sports Department;Photos/Leo Wang


10thJan.2019, the collision of SCIE & RDF took place. Zac, Richard, James, Micheal and Eric formed the powerful starting lineup.

Game started as the whistle blew, Zac with his absolute height, easily snapped the ball to his teammates, and with ball under Richard’s control, they began the first attack; Richard passed to Zac, but had a little bit delay when passed to Eric who was running towards the basket; Now ball under RDFNo.24’s control, SCIE took skillful Zone Defense, but occurred a careless mistake that left a RDF player wide open, but RDF didn’t catch this opportunity, and chose to shot at 3-point line, but missed.

And then Zac got the offensive rebound, got a And1, but missed at free throw, but the rebound was took by Eric, and passed to Zac, two points in.

No.23 in RDF definitely acted well this game, he shot in front of Richard at 3-point line and goal, also played a reverse lay-up.

RDF throw in at the bottom line to No8, and wanna shot but receive a jump-up block from Micheal(picture 3). And also, embarrassing travel from Richard (picture 4,5,6) when driving.

In another defense, Richard made a successful steal and passed to Nick follow by a beautiful Archery. and after few series, the first period ended, the score is 14:6.

The second period started and the lineup of SCIE change to Danny, Samuel, Iven, Schroder and Joe. This is a relative weaker lineup compare to the first.

At the first offense in period 2, Iven use his body advantage made a jump shot and Bryant, who was sat beside the court, suddenly stand up because surprised.

At the next minute, RDF made a defensive mistake and let Schroder finished his first goal during this game.

After a few series, the second period end in the sound of whistle, 22:8.

At the third period, SCIE & RDF changed side, the lineup of SCIE was Zac, Richard, Eric, Danny, James, not weaker than the starting lineup. Within 1 minute, Zac goal 2 free throw, 24:8. And not long after, Zac asset Eric to finish a wonderful alley-oop, 26:8. Then in another offense, James passed to Zac, and he just crashed in under the basket and goal, crash down a defender on the way attack, 28 :11.
After few second, Richard, made a skillful big-step layup, 30: 11.
After short pause, RDF made a series of defensive mistake, and the 28 points gap between.
And in a defense, RDF even made an avoidable mistake that Danny steal the boy at their back court when our offense finished, and the score at that time is 43:11, maybe they felt despair but I gonna say they played well and played hard (hope makes them little bit comforted-v-_ok)

At the 4th period, our lineup was Samuel, Joe, Schroder, Micheal & Nick, one minute after game continued, RDF defender received a defensive foul by hurt Micheal when he was driving (it looks like a snap on face-v-), game paused.

And game went on, James drive straight towards the basket and did jump shot in the case that the defender pushed him, an And1.

At last, the game ended, and SCIE got 47 in bill and RDF only got 13.

This is the result of absolute physical advantage, tight cooperation, effective tactics and skillful skills. Hope SCIE can play better next time.


The afternoon of 10th, January 2019. The battle of RDF and SCIE began. There was no doubt of our wining, as the game started, our teammates goal one follow another.

From the view of data, the player who goal the most is No11 Chrity, 4 point in bill, 66% accuracy; the one who had the highest accuracy is our minister NO7 Lizzie, one shot one goal, that was a fast and awesome shot.

A player that really made me impressed is No6 Jackie, shot in front of the 3-point line, 45-degree bank shot, fast and accurate. No.7 Player of RDF also made me have a deep memory, is because she owns a very high enthusiasm during the whole game, but still, have disadvantage on both physic and skill, even occur the situation of kick the ball away when dribble. Another player who acted well this time is No1 in RDF, had a high record of rebound, and had self-driving and goal.

Tom, our girls’ basketball coach, was dedicated in getting everyone on the court, averagely a fully substitute per 4 minutes; his sound could be heard upstairs: “Slow down! Be patient!”, “xxx keep moving, xxx move, to the bottom, to the basket! ”

The tactics of SCIE in offense is to keep passing then find the opportunity to goal, at defense, still using zone defense.

RDFs were trying their best to catch up with the score, but they failed, SCIE finally beat RDF and the score is 15:11. The game ended in a harmony atmosphere, expect the better performance of SCIE.

文/Winston; 图/Leo Wang

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