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[SCIE web news, Dec 12nd, 2018] After the ordeal of preliminary contest, the final host competition brought a successful close last Tuesday . The brand-new competition system and endless unforeseen circumstances made it a magnificent feast.

Part 1

A sudden drop in temperature on Tuesday didn’t put out the passion of competitors and audiences. The first part of final competition started under the announcement of host Harper and Barry.

The first show was a newscast brought by Jenny and Jessica. They carried out a vivid and interesting broadcast of the sports day and the IGEM team receiving an award. The audience responded enthusiastically, four referees rated highly of it as well. Under the PPT incident situation, Jenny and Jessica chose to link the PPT picture with the broadcast content together, which gained a big round of applause.

After that came the second show, TBU had Simon, the leader of Acapella club, as a helper to challenged Nancy and Kathy. Simon not only prevaricated all the questions from the two hosts, but also made difficulties with strange questions. The thundered Simon and the hosts liven up a party.

Then Benjamin and Kenya brought the third simple but testing broadcast. When Benjamin failed to ask the appearance of guest Lambert, Mr.Luke from English department showed up accidently under the stage. The excellent actor Luke queried what was happening and shouted to the audiences loudly: Get out! The whole audience fell into disorder. Benjamin played all his cards to rescue the scene. He even invited Luke to go up to the stage as a second group of guests. Everybody was full of praise for his quick-witted performance. Finally, Lambert showed up on the stage and had a close interaction with Mr. Gadi.


The fourth session was an interaction activity where Hangrove and Sisi were asked to work with an insider Willy to sucessfully speak out the names of the sponsors. According to script agreed upon, Willy shall work with the two contestants to accomplish the task. Yet, Willy, sent by the TBU, was purposely not making things easy for the hosts and stormed out of the room after Hangrove, one of the hosts sang loudly to invite him onto stage.  The hosts were yet quick to respond and asked two audiences onto stage to pose the names of sponsors with their bodies and had Mr Kevin to get the names right. Challenge finally accomplished after some kind of struggle.

 Part 2: Debate

Eight contestants prepared for the topic and made a draw to decide on the affirmative and opposing teams between who there was a heated debate.

Topic: As a student, it is more important for us to value the merits and demerits of doing a certain thing, or is it more important for us to judge whether it is right or wrong when doing it?

One team was in favor of valuing the merits and demerits of doing a certain thing while the other backed the idea of judging whether it is right or wrong when doing it. The first speakers of both teams presented the argument with incisive interpretation and in-depth analysis for 5 minutes.

Then came with the 15-minute-long free debate. Benjamin from the opposing team questioned a point raised by the affirmative team with astonishing speed and logical thoughts. The affirmative speaker then made a rebuttal, winning a round of applause. Candidates from both teams took turns presenting their arguments and defending against each other. This part was not just about the hosts’ capacity to express but more about how the contestants could respond instantly in a given situation. Debaters of both teams remained focused despite the length of the debate. Applause could be heard throughout the whole session, cheering for their excellent arguments.

15 minutes signaled the end of the debate and yet everyone was hoping to see more. Four referees and all the audiences went onto stage to vote for the eight contestants while Florence, the best popularity singer of SGT calmed things down with a song.

Time for results! Firstly, the Best Popularity Award by votes online went to Sisi. Now came the exciting moment with the final results. The first place went to Benjamin unsurprisingly and the second Sisi followed by the third and fourth place.

The fourth Host Competition of SCIE finally came to an end. See you all next year!

Report/Ray; Photos/TBU; Translation/Shadow& Chris

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