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Map of SCIE

Address: 1st HuangGang Park St. FuTian District ShenZhen, GuangDong, China
Official Wechat: SCIE-2003

Image 1(Planimetric map)


Turning from Fuqiang Road> to 1st HuangGang Park St.
Turning from Fumin Road to Huanggang park Road (Northeast of Yunding Peak Property, East of Huanggang park)
Metro: :
Take Line 4 to D exit of Fumin Station
Take Line 7 to A exit of Huanggangcun Station or D exit of Fumin Station
Take Line 3 to B exit of Yitian station
Bus station:
Futian Shuiwei Village
Line 103, 235, 317, 339, 362, 377, 4, 52, 60, B685, B858, B957, M347, M389, M433, M453, M476, M499, M511, N9, 53
Futian Healthcare Hospital
Line 202, 303, 33, 34, 385, 63, 73, B689, B858, M133, M172, M370, N10