Fu Haotian: To Experience More in College Life
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To Experience More in College Life



Hi, I’m Peter Fu from UCLA, second year majoring in Economics. Before college, I was a kid who just loved to play around (Even now). So during high school, I was really worried about the fact that the huge academic “pressure” in college might eat up all of my play time, as I was already living under a lot of pressure back then. With all the worries I finally went abroad for college and indeed experienced a lot of pressure at the first two weeks when I don’t have any friends. At that time I was pushing myself every day to find friends or to talk to others in English but received nothing yet negative feedbacks. The first time that I made time was during a basketball night that I know my best friends now in college. From then I figure out that everything will happen naturally as you do what you like and ought to do day by day, you will find yourself surrounded by friends and live a happy life. With that being said, don’t just live in your own room forever is important too 🙂



From then on my college life become better and happier that I find out there are more things in my life other than studying and sleeping. I joined Southwest California’s basketball game with my friends and win a championship while I did zero contributions. I performed in two lunar new year gala at the school’s largest auditorium with a fantastic team. I am just writing this to let you know, college life is not only about studying but also about finding the thing that you love and most wanted to do in the future. After finishing the first quarter of my sophomore year I am going to be an exchange at the University of Sydney and that will be a new chapter of my life to explore Australia, and I hope everyone who is going to college and who is reading this will not be afraid of whatever is ahead. Enjoy your brand new future!




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