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University Life

Brasenose College is the friendliest college in Oxford by survey and everyone here is trying to know each other and does well in networking. Independent learning is the key to study here and stay up late until 2 am is the normal thing.

After joining the College soccer team, I find it easy to understand the tactics and communication which thanks to the 4-year training in SCIE instructed by coach Tom and Stuart.And the senior graduates from SCIE do a lot of help to me no matter in life or study.

I am impressed by SCIE Bond at abroad  and definitely ensure that today I am proud of SCIE and tomorrow SCIE will take pride in me.
Don't limit to your major.

People told me that it was hard to get internship when you were freshman, but I got one in the world trade center in fortunate when I was walking on street one day. Opportunities are everywhere and like the Gallatin School said,"We foster passionate, intellectual commitments from learners and prepare them for a world in which managing knowledge is key to success. "  
Melbourne is a very diverse city and you can find various styles of libraries in University. I highly recommend the optional course-Spanish. I have learned it in SCIE for 4 years and selected as my optional course in University because I think it is very interesting and a good way to make new friends when you are a freshman.

The basketball club is different from SCIE's no matter in the system or in the team forms. We welcome outsiders to join in and it is impressive to meet some players who are over 45+ with her babies but still very active.

Seize the moment and try more new things by stepping out of the comfort zone!
HKU is a journey, not a destination.

I was deeply attracted by the general education in HKU in the first semester. And after several exchange programs in Peking University and Stanford University, and then back to HKU, I know what I want to explore here and become more into this vibrant, combining elements of eastern and western city.
I know it would be a tough way when I made up my decision to transfer from Case Western Reserve University to South California University. It is not only the change from Biology to Media, but more importantly, I benefited a lot from learning sociology.

I major in Communication Media and minor in Entrepreneurship in USC thanks to my A-Level Credits in SCIE and the fisrt-year credits in Case. When I see the new concept and creative idea mentioned in the curriculum, I cannot wait to take actions and explore more.

The openness for changes and challenges is initiated from the open thinking and independent exploration in SCIE.I am really lucky to have a group of besties from SCIE who always back me up and encourage me when I am frustrated and upset.

Now I become a vegetarian and work out a lot every week, and these new elements refresh my life and inspire me to run my own Instagram about fashion clothing. Try to stretch the border of your limit and you can feel the growth of yourself.  
"Work hard, play hard."are the words that you will hear the most in the introduction on the first week. But for me, it is " Play hard, work harder."

Life is busy in EHL as everyone will be divided into different groups in different workshops.My first workshop is R&D and Quick Service Restaurant ( QSR). Although staying in the kitchen over 10 hours every day, it is funny to discuss with Chef while preparing food. However, in the session of R&D, we have to cook prepared food in limited time length. Day 1 is Brunch, day  2 is flight dinner, day 3 is fine dining cuisine, day 4 is finger food with vegetable foam. As most of my classmates are the basic cooker, the chef will offer their comment and it is fancy to see each other's artwork in final.

Please think whether the major is your interest or not when you are in SCIE. If the answer is Yes, you can still find happiness in the busy life.
The formula:"SCIE+Good Major=Good job=High Salary=Happy Life" is not existed.
It is a common that people will prefer shortcut and avoid uncertainty.

I was rushed to decide my career path at the first year in University, and in final I was stressed out as I had no idea what I really wanted to be in the future. My mind changed in an Asian program activity about recruiting graduates to serve voluntarily in the Southeast Asian Countries like being an English teacher in Thailand or doing NGO work in  Mongolia. I asked one candidate was it helpful to her career in the future. Her answer did wake me up.

It is not necessary to see the benefit on the first place when you want to do something, just take action and enjoy it, maybe you will find surprise at the end. Hence, don't set your life path as a straight line, which will limit your development. Be open minded and keep exploring, you will find many chances.
I am not sure if some people have the similar feeling that when you become sophomore, you take things more seriously on careers in the future rather than simply enjoy the college life. Peer pressure, social pressure, the payment of the first job etc.,which make me keep questioning myself. I am pleased that every time when I talk my SCIE friends, I clear more confusions and know more about myself. They are different from other mates and do what they like. Now instead of seeking the career path blindly, I slow down my steps. When doing the mathematics exercise, it reminded me of the joyful memories  when I was learning with SCIE teachers outside of textbook. When I felt impatient, playing piano would release the pressure and recalled myself how I enjoyed this music before. I am waking up gradually from the lost, and really appreciate the spirits of SCIE be my company and remind myself to be down-to-earth.
This is my third year in Colby College in USA, and I decide to have a one-year exchange program in Spain. The first semester is in University of Cordoba, the south of Spain, and the second semester is in University of Salamanca. I have been learning Spanish for 6 years and I am a little worried about the transfer the languages among Spanish, Chinese and English. On one hand, I want to test the level of my Spanish; on the other hand, I would like to "do as a Spanish do" by getting used to the life here. So far so good, all the concerns have disappeared and I am getting really tanned in this marvelous country. Spanish food, wine and friends' company in this journey are the main energy to support me to "survive" here! For more details, please click Sunny on the road.
Three years ago when facing the university application, I was confused about two questions: Should I go to an Art College or a general university with art atmosphere? At the end I chose a 5-year dual degree program in Tuffs University as I wanted to keep learning art while exploring more in general education. I really like the flexible course selection system in the Art Museum in university. Optional courses like Film Photography, Video Edit, Jewelry Design, Product Design etc., which are all new to me and I find myself more passionate on the graphic design. I decided to choose Engineering Psychology as my second major when I was a Sophomore. This is a cross subject major and mainly focus on studying the relationship between human beings and environment. When I was in SCIE, I was planning to have more exchange programs in University so I succeeded in exchanging to College of Central Saint Martins in London to continue my art learning in my third year. Last but not least, in the past there was a stereotype for art appreciation. Nowadays it is getting diverse and stylish, and artists are not simply the groups work in traditional industry. There is one point that I am pretty sure, which is art gives me comfort and let me know myself better.
Two lessons I want to share here are: 1. Never ask for a standard answer. When I was in SCIE, most of the subjects I chose were Science related which resulted in my understanding that things were right or wrong and there was no third answer. However, after study law in university, critical thinking and debating changed me totally. I came to realize that answers would be different if you thought it in a different perspective and the key was whether you can find enough evidence to prove it and convince others. 2. Never procrastinate. The first day when you forward your first step to the gate of law school, you will see a long reading list, pressure from teachers and career office, exams and essays. Please read more, review more and practice more, it is no use to cram all knowledge at the last minute. There are many ECAs in Law School, you can create your own one or join others. It is quite beneficial to register some International Volunteer Organisations as well,e.g. I attended a six-week volunteer program in SriLanka during the holiday, which expanded my horizon out of law.
I have been staying in America for more than 2 years and life is so full and busy. I have registered as the volunteer in the New York Fashion Week for several times and finished my internship. Also, I worked with my classmates to shoot the first movie in my life and achieved additional 14 credits. In my eyes, SCIE is a mini university so I do not find a big difference when I arrived at America.New York is a diverse city and dream persuing place. If you want to work on design, I highly recommend my school to you though the fee is a bit expensive. People work very hard here and you can find them lying on the couch at late night in the studio. It is busy and tiring before the work published, and after that you will find a lot benefits that you have learned in this process.
The reason why I want to choose UCL is its curriculum especially the new online learning management platform. In the era of big data, it is quite necessary to know the balance between online and offline management. When I was in SCIE, I had several internships in the areas like bank, Investment Company and TV Station. Though the roles are different, the common parts in management are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. For the near future, I want to continue my postgraduate study in the USA and then do a career plan called “3+2”. It is 3 years for gathering experience and then do the start-up. I know the cake is getting smaller in our age but everything is possible. I like to make a checklist in every week abnd every month to make sure things are on the right track. Also I think it is a good way to make myself disciplined and confident. As Steve Jobs said, “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” I want to explode my potential and try more new things, and then get closer to the life I want step by step.
There is no GPA or grade on students' artwork in every studio class no matter in oil painting, crafting or behavioral art. As what our professor see is the key is to dig out every student's idea. Art is free and there is no right or wrong. In addition, we work a lot on humanities, there is 30% -40% humanity subjects out of 126 credits. Professors here are from University of Chicago or UIUC and there are artistic lectures and seminars every week. The diverse curriculum involve western and eastern philosophy, marxist philosophy, modern poetry etc. In the long term, it is a great influence on us as it needs time to understand the theories and background. And sometimes we will be inspired by idea which can mix and work together. Now I have graduate from University, and what I want to share is that try to reach new things and experience. You will find the age from 20 to 24 is the most passionate and fast-thinking period and never waste that invaluable students life.
I was more than surprised when receiving the offer from Columbia University as I did not attend any famous competition or learning Further Mathematics in the last year. I think the main reason is that the university admission prefer those students with high sense of humanities and their potential of learning rather than what they have learned. I really like sunshine in California but Columbia provides more diverse liberal education not just engineering. Perhaps my dream to be a National Geography Photographer will come true in New York. “A bit of madness is key”, don’t hesitate too much when you are curious about something, why not try and let yourself be a little bit insane.
Now I have been studying in University of Notre Dame which offer me two scholarships, one is the Great China Scholarship that affords my four-year tuition and the other one is the scholarship of Hesburgh-Yusko Scholars Program which supports the fees for my summer activities in these four areas-Wilderness Leadership, Social Justice, Global Inquiry and Professional Venture. I am going to briefly talk about my adventure in the POS Pass. When I was in SCIE, I was impressed with “ Life is not a competition, it’s a journey.” The feelings were touching my heart when I was crossing the mountain with my teammates by carrying more than 30 kg rucksack and devices. Altitude sickness, muscle pain and endless trail were really upsetting, but when I thought of the fleeing refugee in Middle East, I felt that I was lucky enough. What we carried were just the camps and living things, but what they carried were the whole family. We know where we want to go, and at least we have a warm house to rest when tired, however, they don’t know where to go and everywhere is life threatening. When I finished this adventure, I had a new refreshment about nature and life. At the beginning, I planned to conquer the mountain and nature; at the end, the truth was the weakness and innocence in my mind had been overcome.  
I love SCIE. My personal world view was built there, my best friends were met there, the purest high school life was spent there. In the UK, my SCIE friends are like my family members and we share everything. Life in Cambridge is fully occupied by classes and ECAs. It is like a lot of stuff are throwing to your brain at one time and a “bomb” is setting there and waiting to explode. Of course, if you are ready to take the senior class, you can ask professors to arrange some supervision lectures for you and they are very glad to assist. My friends say I am a romantic person as I seize every moment and live fully. This is my favorite comment. Though I have not get rid of procrastination and impatience, I am changing my attitude to be calm and gentle towards everything. I do believe that at the end of my life, I will not be remembered by this world, but I will remember every happy moment that I have spent.
Sports play an important role in America, and we have various school teams and 10% of our students are college athletes. I am one member of the school basketball team and if you are interested in varsity, you can contact the school coach and fill in the recruit questionnaire online. Many people think the life in University is to stay up late and meet the deadline of different essays. To be honest, if you are not a procrastinator, you can plan and balance your life in a sensible way. It is crucial to choose a suitable university and though it takes a lot of efforts during the application, I will be here to light you up and help you arrive your destination successfully.
Many people ask me why choose Lafayette College not others, I reply that because of destiny. Easton is a very quiet town and people are very friendly here. There are many chances to approach professors as the minimum number in class is 15 and the maximum is 35 so professors can call your name and say hello to you once you meet each other. Once you are ready to go to liberal art college, please be prepared for writing class. Also, there are many courses about general education, which is good for your round development. The life here is not as rich and fast as in Shenzhen, but it is another happy experience to stay peace and quiet in this small place. Sometimes you will find loads of homework and the chilly weather, but people here will back you up and always be your support.
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